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Introducing the Pinnacle of Backpacks…


We developed amazing features
for our Backpacks.

We’ve set out to make one of the most advanced and versatile backpacks available. All of our features are made to provide unrivaled durability, connectivity, comfort, media control, and everything you need to showcase your backstory.

The result: we at My Backstory have created a one-of-a-kind backpack that’s perfect for bikers, students, entrepreneurs, travelers, advertisers, and anyone who wants to show the world who they are and how they feel.

MyBackStory Backpack 6


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Keep Charged

There’s nothing worse than a battery drain, whether it’s an electronic device or your body. Our bags not only charge your electronics, but they keep you charged with unique and exciting things to do—games, movies, app, computer programs, and more!

Express Yourself

Whether you have an animated emoji announcing to the world that it’s your birthday, or you’re advertising for yourself or another business, you can convey your message in HD with millions of colors.

Stay Safe

There were 5,376 cycling deaths in 2015 and over 70,000 injuries. Sudden turns and low visibility account for many of these accidents. We address this problem with our unique sleek, bright brake light and turn signal system. Also, our durable design and security features—like our kill switch, GPS tracking, and a “Find Me” alarm—will keep the contents in your bag safe and secure.

Innovative Features and Capabilities

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• Steel-lined shoulder straps that are built to last
• Rigid aluminum-mesh frame coated with three layers of polyethylene polycarbonate
• Bottom skid plate to protect the appearance and integrity of your backpack
• Heavy-duty zipper built to last—zipper pull handle also equipped with bottle opener.


• Ultra wide 180° HD camera works with our proprietary software to seamlessly blend front and back camera footage, creating amazing 360° panoramas that can be viewed anytime anywhere

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MyBackStory Backpack 3
MyBackStory Backpack 4


• Impact-resistant gel pads placed ergonomically to protect your spine and offer maximum comfort
• Programmable electronic scale built into the bag to warn you when you are carrying too much weight

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My Backstory Packs

The Thought

  • ABS Plastic
  • Made for 10” Tablet Quality Speakers
  • USB Charging Battery
  • RGB Accent Lights
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The Dream


  • Carbon Fiber
  • Custom 17” Screen
  • Quality Speaker System
  • USB Charging Battery
  • RGB Accent Lights
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The Vision


  • ABS Plastic
  • Curved 24” Screen
  • Quality Speaker System
  • USB Charging battery
  • RGB Accent Lights
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The Assistant

  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Custom 15.5 screen
  • Quality Speaker System
  • USB Charging System
  • On-Board Print/Scan/Fax
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Some Of The Buzz…

Three years ago I was injured in an accident when I was riding my bike. I used my hand signal but the driver failed to see me and I was hit. It was a traumatic experience for me and my family as well as the driver. The Dream Backpack from My BackStory restores my confidence while riding; it feels good to hear cars behind me slow down when I put on my signals.


I’m 26 years old and love to hike. This bag saved me when I got lost last month and was located when searchers spotted the emergency beacon from the bag through the remote dense woods. I’m used to hiking, but nothing is scarier than something happening and never being found, at least in time.


Nothing is worse than a dead battery in a cell phone. That’s what happened to me at the worst possible time. I was travelling when I noticed an accident. The person ran into a pole and was unconscious, it was late at night and everywhere was closed. I went to call 911 and my battery died. I felt so helpless, it was almost 20 minutes before another car passed by and called for help. I wish I had this bag then.

Martin Arham

Frequently Asked Questions

1). How much does it weigh?

Although you don’t need to be as fit as Arnold Schwarzenegger to wear our bags, there will be some weight if you want to include all the unique features. However, we’ve offset this with careful design and posture-support designs that spread the weight evenly across the whole back, instead of just one shoulder.

2). How Long Does the Battery Last?

It has a 50,000 mAh battery that can power and charge most of your favorite electronics for five days before needing to be recharged.

3). What If It Gets Stolen?

We have a handful of security features, including a kill switch, GPS tracking, and a “Find Me” alarm to help get your stolen bag back.

4). How Do Brake Lights and Turn Signals Work?

We have a Bluetooth controller that you simply clip to your handlebars.

5). How can I get my own Backstory bag?

Although our bags are not currently available for purchase, we are accepting pre-orders. Give us your email address and we’ll alert you as soon as our bags are ready to go.

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